Hi I’m Laura and this is my blog about finding a way to get our family around by bike.

This blog is about trying to share our journey to make cycling as a family part of everyday life. I’m sure they’ll be lows as well as highs as we try to find the best way for the kids as well as us. And as everyone with sprogs knows, what works one minute is guaranteed to change just as quickly, but i’m hopeful that they’ll always be a way of making life on two wheels possible.

Over the next few weeks I’m hoping to cover…

  • Gear that we use and pros/cons
  • Doing the family shop on two wheels
  • Braving our first cycle touring holiday as a family
  • Testing the possibility of camping and cycling with toddlers

I know i’m not a great writer, i’m not trying to be. What i’m hoping is that a few people can get a bit of inspiration to have a go at getting their family on a bike and fingers crossed, have a ton of fun along the way!