“FollowMe” Emmy!

On Sunday we tried a new combination, Emmy on her own bike attached to mine. It’s a contraption called a “FollowMe Tandem” and we bought one a week ago after seeing a friend’s four year old pedalling happily behind his mother without a wobble in sight.

As you’ll see from the pics, Emmy loved it. She’s just turned three and as far as she’s concerned, this makes her a big girl and she wants to ride her own bike. All very well in theory, but in true Emmy style, she can pedal like hell, balance no problem but doesn’t really believe in using the brakes. Hence David pegging it after her at full pelt anytime she’s let loose! So far the FollowMe is a great solution.

The first ride we did was short. Just under a mile to a local fete, we are lucky enough to have shared use paths pretty much all the way, but it was enough to give us all confidence. Thanks to the face painter, we had a little pussy cat cycling home with us!

The Pros

  • Independence – Emmy feels as though she’s really contributing to the ride
  • Turbo boost – certainly useful, especially uphill, I could tell when she was pedalling
  • Stability – There was no lateral movement, it felt very stable
  • Mount/Dismount – Emmy could get on and off herself without a problem
  • Flexible – If she rides solo you can hook it up very easily
  • Additional luggage – You can carry panniers on your rear rack which isn’t possible with our bike seats.

The Cons

  • Weight – quite heavy when you’ve not got the child’s bike attached. It weighs 4kg
  • Cost – a pretty price tag, we paid £189.95.
  • Nerves – There’s a real temptation to keep looking back at her, just to check how she’s getting on. It’s ok when there’s two of you but when solo I might consider using a rear view mirror.

We found it very straight forward to attach and separate Emmy’s bike from mine, taking less than a minute each time. The FollowMe clamps onto the bottom tube of the child’s bike and attaches to the front wheel. When the child’s bike is not attached you can hook up the FollowMe using a strap with a carabiner on the end.

We also found that the FollowMe can be removed from the adults bike with relative ease. When connecting it for the first time you replace your standard wheel skewer with the Follow-Me quick release one. It means that you can take it on and off by releasing it from the skewer – ideal when i’m using the same bike to commute to work and don’t want to carry the extra weight.

Next week we’ll be taking it on a ride coast to coast across Devon (Ilfracombe to Plymouth) enjoying the Tarka Trail, so we’ll be able to let you know how she gets on with it on longer distances.

We bought our FollowMe tandem direct from the manufacturers Follow Me Tandem Online Shop

2 thoughts on ““FollowMe” Emmy!

  1. Nicola Culley

    Seriously considering one of these for our just turned 3 year old daughter so would be very interested to hear how you get on with it in Devon!


    • We did dilemma about buying it because of the price tag but really wanted to find a way for her to ride with us at a young age. Emmy turned three in March and I’d never be able to ride alongside her (mainly due to her aversion to brakes!) so this seemed like a good solution. Other versions of a similar thing seemed to have a lot more lateral movement. This is very stable. It’s a five day trip across Devon and we’re going to try to blog as we go – i’ll make sure to include comment about the FollowMe. Do let me know if there are any specifics you are wondering about. Happy to take photos/videos for you. We were lucky that we met a family a few weekends ago at a local ride who used one and so could see it in action before we bought it!


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